If your backyard swimming pool has lost its appeal, it might be time to consider improvements. Even a well-designed pool becomes dated over time and could use some sprucing up. Here are a few ways to upgrade your pool and make the area more attractive and functional for family and friends.

Use LED Lights to Upgrade Your Pool

LED lights will make your pool more appealing and boost safety around the water, especially after dusk. LED lighting is available in different color options. Better illumination allows you to use the pool safely in the evening and at night. LED lights offer an energy-efficient way to highlight the architectural elements of the pool and its surroundings.

Resurface the Pool Deck

If your pool deck is stained or faded, resurface it to give the area a fresh look. Resurfacing is an easy way to improve the pool deck and doesn’t involve tearing out the concrete. Choose from a wide variety of concrete overlay products and apply them to the existing surface. Resurfacing adds color and texture, which makes the deck visually appealing and slip-resistant.

Automatic Electronic AutoFill

As a pool owner, you know that you must regularly check the water level in your pool. Make maintaining the pool easier by installing an electronic auto-fill. The auto-fill system will monitor the water levels and fill the pool if the level drops, so you won’t have to walk around with the garden hose to top off the pool.

Upgrade Your Pool with a Waterfall

Waterfalls are a popular upgrade that everyone will enjoy. Add a cascade waterfall to your pool by integrating it into the coping or retaining wall. Although it’s best to add them during pool construction, you can incorporate a waterfall later to update the pool. If you have a flexible budget, install a rock face waterfall. While it is more expensive, this type of water feature is an attractive and distinctive addition to any pool.

Water Features

Bubblers, deck jets, water walls, and other water features are ideal upgrades for your swimming pool. Water features command attention and are often the first thing people notice. Besides their aesthetic value, water features enhance circulation, and bubblers produce a relaxing sound that transforms your backyard into an oasis. The right water feature for your pool will depend on the deck because it may require additional plumbing lines.

Pool Seats

If you don’t have seats or ledges around your pool area, consider adding them. Pool seating depends on the available space. Choose furniture specially designed for pool use. These seats are manufactured using hard plastic resistant to chlorine and other chemicals. Add umbrellas or build a pergola for privacy and shade above the seating area.

If years have passed since you installed the pool, it’s likely time for renovation. These upgrades will improve the backyard’s aesthetic and add to the fun.

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