If you have placed an offer on a house, it is in your best interest to hire a home inspector. With a number of home inspectors to choose from, it may be hard to decide who to hire for your inspection. You should consider the inspector’s qualifications, customer reviews, and tools used. Some inspectors use thermal imaging in home inspections. Here are four ways that thermal imaging can provide more insights during a home inspection.

1. Detecting Moisture In Ceilings and Walls

Thermal imaging in home inspections aids in identifying water damage in ceilings, walls, and floors. By displaying the difference in temperature between a moist area and the surrounding dry places, thermal imaging in home inspections can reveal moisture problems that are undetectable during a visual home inspection. It is also ideal for showing where insulation or other components have been damaged by water intrusion.

2. Identifying Plumbing Leaks

Pipes that leak often continue to leak undetected until there is significant damage. A thermal imaging camera can be used to scan in, around, and under plumbing fixtures in the home to determine whether an active leak exists.

The equipment is not a moisture detector, but it can identify heat anomalies and help to find out the origin and cause of the leak. The thermal images can then be shared with a plumber to repair the problem.

3. Thermal Imaging In Home Inspections for Energy Efficiency

Thermal imaging is an ideal tool for helping homeowners to save money on energy bills. It can detect cold air or heat loss to help you take corrective actions and make your home more airtight. It can also show areas that are missing insulation, lacking enough insulation, or have damaged insulation. Without thermal imaging, issues like this remain hidden from view behind your walls.

4. Electrical Issues

Dirty or loose electrical connections and other electrical flaws can lead to power outages and fires. Thermal imaging in home inspections can scan electrical panels and receptacles to determine hot spots in the electrical system that cannot otherwise be seen. The thermal imaging report can be used by a professional to repair the issues and prevent future problems.

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