Your outdoor living space can be an extension of your home when you add some lighting, furniture, and other upgrades. Make your deck, porch, or patio a safe and comfortable place to gather outside.

Lighting for Your Outdoor Living Space

During the day, you don’t need to worry about lighting up your patio or deck because the sun will do it for you. Once the sun goes down, you may want to continue spending time outside on a mild evening. Set up outdoor lighting for your porch, deck, patio, or courtyard.

There are many kinds of outdoor lighting you can install, from string lights to solar lights. If you have a power source like an outdoor outlet in the space, you’ll have more options.

Be sure to purchase lights and extension cords that are specifically designed for outdoor use. There are also battery-powered lamps and solar lanterns that you could use for a patio that is not close to a power source.


The furniture for your outdoor space determines how welcoming it is and how much time people will want to spend there. Flimsy, uncomfortable furniture doesn’t inspire a relaxing environment. Invest in sturdy furniture with weatherproof cushions to make your outdoor space an extension of the indoors.

Your Outdoor Living Space Needs Shade

If your property is sunny and doesn’t have a lot of trees, your outdoor space will benefit from some shade. For an uncovered patio, shade sails are a simple and affordable solution with a wide range of coverage. You could also construct a covered structure or awning, but this will take more labor and funds. A large patio umbrella will provide some relief from the sun but won’t cover the entire area.


If your neighbors’ homes are close to your property and they have a clear view of your outdoor space, some privacy will make it more enjoyable. Build a simple wall out of pallets and train vines to grow over it.

If your outdoor area is covered, hang waterproof curtains to block the view and also serve as a wind barrier. A privacy fence is another option that will also help to keep children and pets on the property.


Enhancing your outdoor space isn’t all about comfort and aesthetics, it should also be safe. All railings should be secure and not wobble when they are leaned against. Look for raised decking boards and nails that people could trip over and cracks or protruding bricks in the patio. Fix areas that could cause injury to people or pets.

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