Does your deck live up to its full potential? People love spending time on their deck on a nice day, but it could be more enjoyable with some simple updates. Improve your deck, even on a budget, with these ideas.

Add a Privacy Screen to Improve Your Deck

If the houses in your neighborhood are close together, your deck may not have much privacy. Fortunately, there are affordable ways to create a privacy screen on your deck. Some budget-friendly materials you can use include bamboo fencing, waterproof fabric, lattice panels, or a trellis. Train vines to grow up the lattice or trellis with string to provide more coverage.

Improve Your Deck With Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a low-cost and easy way to improve your deck’s ambiance. Mount a solar light to the front of each step to improve visibility in low light conditions. Hang solar string lights on the railings or overhead with posts. You can also buy solar lanterns that you can hang from hooks or simply place on a table or stairs.

Stone Landing at the Foot of the Steps

Installing a stone landing at the bottom of the staircase to the deck is a fairly easy DIY project that’s similar to building a patio on a smaller scale. Stone naturally complements wood, so it will improve your deck’s aesthetics. A stone landing also prevents mud from forming at the bottom of the steps during the rainy season.

Refinish the Decking

Deck maintenance is necessary to improve your deck, or else it will deteriorate and become unsafe over time. The steps for refinishing a deck are washing it, sanding it, and applying stain or paint. Then, use a protective sealant to preserve your work. These tasks should be completed once each year or two depending on your climate.

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