Keeping a home organized can be challenging. However, you can maintain clean and functional living spaces with some work. Here are a few tips for decluttering, organizing your home, and keeping it tidy.

One Area at a Time

If you wish to organize multiple places in your home, choose one area to begin. Tackle the space that causes you the most stress or select an area visitors see when they arrive. Whatever your priorities, pick one area of your home and begin there.

Many attempts at organizing fail because people try to clean the entire house at once. The process seems daunting, and they give up. When you complete one area, move on to the next.

Use Labels When Organizing Your Home

Labels are helpful for all family members. They help everyone know and remember where things belong. When you understand the location of an item, you’re more likely to return it to its place. Label boxes, bins, and drawers to give everything a designated storage space.

Picture labels are helpful if you live with young children who cannot read. Clear labels encourage kids to return their belongings to the proper place. 

Declutter Your Home

Another organizing tip is to declutter the living spaces. Removing unwanted and unneeded items provides extra storage for the things you need. Sort items into different categories to make the decluttering process easier. Choose which things you’ll keep, donate, and throw away. Make another pile of items that belong elsewhere in the home. 

Decluttering reduces the number of things you’ll need to organize. Don’t bring new items into the home if you don’t already have a place for them. Take time and weigh the options carefully before buying something new.

Organizing Your Home: Take Inventory

Regularly review your belongings to keep track of what you have, especially if you feel overwhelmed when organizing. Get rid of duplicate items. There is no need to keep two blenders or a wide assortment of spatulas. Make sure the daily items are easily accessible—store things you rarely use on a higher shelf or eliminate them.

Place Similar Items Together

Store similar things together. For example, when organizing clothes, put jeans in one place and t-shirts in another. In the kitchen, store all baking supplies in the same cabinet. 

Organizing Tips for Laundry

Designate an area for dirty laundry. Separate the white fabrics from colored ones to avoid damaging your clothes. Each family member can sort their laundry in bins. When a laundry basket is full, wash the clothes and give them to family members.

Set Aside Time for Organizing Your Home

Evaluate your schedule and set aside time specifically for organizing. Use those designated times to clean your home and put items back in their places.

While using the above tips, remember that organizing doesn’t have an end destination. It’s an ongoing process that involves acquiring new skills, applying them, and staying committed to being organized. Do a little any time you can; persistence is key.

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