A garage is a great asset to your property, not just for parking your vehicles but also as a storage space and workshop. Organizing your garage and keeping it that way is a worthy endeavor. You will gain valuable space and save time by not having to look for misplaced items. Here are six pointers to help organize your garage efficiently.

How to Organize Your Garage

The job may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to commit and power through it. Think of the benefits of a clean, well-organized garage. Everything starts with the first step. Our next point will help you re-think the task.

Break Up the Job

Depending on how disorganized your garage is, the project may take many hours or even a couple of days, which may be precisely the reason you’re discouraged about starting. Every little bit you do brings you one step closer to your goal. Take an hour here and an hour there to clean, rearrange, and dispose of unwanted stuff.

Decide What to Throw Away

This is often a big challenge when it comes to housecleaning of any kind. You may not want to part with some items, hoping to restore them or find some use for them. Yet if things have been taking up garage space for a year or so without being used, maybe it’s time to let them go.

If you have metal items, you may even make some cash by taking them to a recycling facility. For anything valuable that you simply don’t use, sell it online or donate it to a local shop.

Compartmentalize Items to Organize Your Garage

If you use the garage strictly for storage, designate spaces for different categories of items, like fishing equipment, pool supplies, outdoor toys, and holiday decorations. To organize items most effectively, it’s best to invest in shelves and other storage solutions.

Organize Your Garage by Adding Shelves

To effectively organize your garage, plan on having plenty of shelf space available for storage. Metal rack shelves work well in garages because they are free-standing and can hold a lot of weight. Mount shelves to the wall to free up floor space. Purchase clear plastic bins to organize smaller items before placing them on the shelves.

Add More Amenities

Once you have organized your garage, think about what else it needs. If your garage is also a workshop, add some personal touches to make it your own. Put in some amenities like a fridge, coffee maker, and speakers to make it a better place to spend time. Your garage can function as another area of your house besides a storage area.

Keep the Garage Organized

Your garage became disorganized gradually over time by not having proper storage and by keeping things that should have been tossed out. Once you organize your garage, keep it that way. Put things back where they belong after using them. Sweep the floors and toss out unneeded stuff. Maintaining a clean garage requires ongoing effort and commitment.

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