Why Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection

When purchasing a house, have it inspected before making an offer. A home inspection offers protection for the homebuyer by checking the property’s condition. Inspections are useful regardless of if it is an older, previously owned home or brand new construction. Your inspector will document any issues found in the report provided after the inspection. Here are a few reasons buyers should order a home inspection.

Order a Home Inspection for Negotiation Options

If you’ve found a home to buy, ask your real estate agent to include a contingency clause for the home inspection in your contract. Before the sale is final, review the inspection report to make sure you’re making a good investment. If major problems are found, you might make a counteroffer to the seller, negotiating the price of the home or asking for serious problems to be repaired before closing.

A Small Investment Now Minimizes Costs Later

A home inspection for a single-family property will cost several hundred dollars, but it is an important investment because it can save you money down the road. An unforeseen repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Identifying the problem before closing gives the seller the opportunity to cover the costs of repairs. For example, a home inspector might identify several issues with the roofing, including rusting flashing and leaks. If these problems were to go unnoticed, the damage could become worse and more expensive to repair.

Safety for Family Members

Whether you are purchasing a home for your family or adding to your real estate investments, a home inspection can find safety issues within the property. The home inspector will examine the electrical systems and look for problems with the plumbing. He or she will notice structural issues within the home and will check to make sure smoke detectors are installed. Talk to your inspector about other services. They may offer radon testing and pest inspections to verify the home is safe and healthy.

Reasons to Order a Home Inspection

Ordering a home inspection is a minimal cost upfront and the process can reduce the likelihood of unexpected expenses after the purchase of the home. Plus, the information in the report can be used during negotiations to potentially reduce the cost of the home. All aspects considered, a home buyer needs a home inspection before committing to the purchase of a property.

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