If you’re a new homeowner, put together a household tool kit. You’ll have everything you need in one place to tackle repairs around the home. Over time your toolbox will grow as you collect new pieces for each project. If you’re just getting started, here are a few basic, must-have tools for homeowners.

Must-Have Tools Homeowners Need

Below is a list of a few essential basic tools that new and seasoned homeowners should have in the toolbox.

Must-Have Tools: Claw Hammer

There are numerous types of hammers, but the claw hammer is the most common. The primary purpose of this tool is to install nails or extract them. You can use it to hang pictures, build or tear down a deck, or even remove tile flooring. Choose a claw hammer with a vinyl or rubber handle, as this grip is easy to hold and will absorb shock.

Screwdriver Set

One screwdriver is never enough, so investing in an entire set is a good idea. A screwdriver is handy for replacing batteries, performing gutter repairs, and changing outlet covers. Choose a set that has both Phillips-head and flat-head tools in various sizes.

Must-Have Tools: Pliers

Another must-have tool for your tool kit is pliers grip nuts and bolts which can function as wire cutters and clamps. These tools allow you to grip items, such as a plumbing pipe, or smaller things like nails.

Crescent Wrench

Ideally, opt for an adjustable wrench, as the jaw will be moveable and allow you to use the wrench for an assortment of nuts and bolts. Use it to loosen and tighten nuts or bolts. Unlike the screwdrivers, one larger adjustable crescent wrench will do the trick.

Must-Have Tools: Allen Wrenches

You may not understand the need for an Allen wrench when you have a complete screwdriver set, but Allen wrenches are for screws with hexagonal sockets. Generally, these must-have tools come in various sizes and can be used to repair a kid’s bicycle, change a drill bit, or assemble furniture.

Utility Knife

A cheap knife won’t be efficient when you need to open a box, remove carpet, or trim linoleum. A utility knife is better for these jobs. Purchase a quality utility knife with a rubber grip to prevent slippage during use.

Must-Have Tools: Tape Measure

You will use a tape measure for numerous reasons, from measuring new furniture to choosing lumber for a remodeling project. For the sturdiest tape measure, opt for one with a blade coated with acrylic or nylon.

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