Reduce Winter Heating Costs With These Tactics

We want to be warm and comfortable at home during the cold winter months, but turning up the thermostat can get expensive. Thankfully, there are some smart ways to reduce winter heating costs while keeping your home warm.

Caulk the Windows

Over time, the windows in your house will develop small gaps around them, letting outside air in. Caulking is an inexpensive way to make the windows more energy efficient. If your budget allows for it, replace your old windows with new double or triple-paned windows, and you will have even lower energy bills.

Weather Stripping to Reduce Winter Heating Costs

Cold air often seeps inside around the door frame.  Replace worn out weather stripping to keep the house warmer.  Weather stripping is an inexpensive material that is easy to apply to door frames. Also, check that your door sweep fits snugly. If there is a gap at the floor level, either adjust the door sweep or replace it with a new one.

Attic Insulation

Adding attic insulation is a great way to reduce winter heating costs. Since heat rises, warm air will be lost through a poorly insulated attic. Attic insulation is rated in R-value, and comes in rolls or batts. You can have attic insulation installed professionally or do it yourself. Either way, adding insulation is an excellent way to lower your heating bills.

Insulate Your Power Outlets

If you put your hand near any wall outlet, especially on outer walls, you may feel a cold draft. Most hardware stores sell kits to insulate outlets. These small pieces of insulating material fit on the inside of your outlet plates, sealing out the cold air. Stay safe by turning off the power before completing this project.

Water Heater Tank Insulation

Everyone enjoys a hot shower or bath on a cold winter day, but it takes a lot of energy to heat water. Water heater tanks lose heat quickly in a cold environment. With an insulating blanket around the water tank, it will take less energy to heat the water and will reduce winter heating costs.

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