There are a number of projects homeowners can undertake that, unfortunately, won’t increase property value. You might enjoy the upgrades, but don’t expect potential homebuyers to be willing to pay more. Here are a few projects with a low return on investment (ROI) that you might avoid if you’re planning to sell your home.

1. Swimming Pools

While your family might enjoy a swimming pool in the summer, this addition generally doesn’t add value to a home. In fact, many homebuyers won’t consider a property with a pool. Swimming pools are costly to maintain and can be a safety hazard if a family has young children. A buyer who doesn’t want to deal with pool upkeep will see this feature as a downside and may be less likely to offer a fair price on your home.

2. Built-In Vacuum Systems

While built-in vacuum systems are convenient for homeowners, they are not a feature buyers are looking for in a home. Most homebuyers won’t consider a vacuum system as an added value. If you would appreciate this feature for your family, it’s helpful to know a built-in vacuum can be expensive to install and maintain.

3. Projects with a Low ROI Include a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

While you might enjoy a luxury bathroom with a spa tub and heated flooring, the average homebuyer isn’t willing to pay more for these features. Instead of spending a fortune expanding the space and installing high-end fixtures, low-cost improvements are a better option. To earn a good return on your investment, replace broken tiles, install new flooring, and update the backsplash.

4. Home Offices

While a home office can be an excellent addition for a homeowner who works remotely, it generally won’t add value to a property. Many buyers don’t need a dedicated office space. Additionally, a bedroom is usually converted when remodeling to create a home office. Most homebuyers prefer the extra bedroom over a workspace they may or may not use.

5. Customized Landscaping Projects Have a Low ROI

Customized landscaping is another project that can be costly and time-consuming but generally doesn’t add much value to a home. High-maintenance plants and landscaping features won’t appeal to many homebuyers. Typically, a buyer will prefer simple and easy-to-maintain landscaping. Instead of investing in expensive landscaping design, choose attractive native plants and foliage to improve the home’s exterior.

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, talk to a real estate agent to learn about improvements that help boost property value. Spending money on updates that appeal to a broad range of buyers is a better investment.

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