The moving process is challenging for most people. It takes time and effort and is often stressful. Here are some of the best moving tips to make things easier for your family.

Careful Planning

Simply being flexible will help to solve many problems that come up during the move. Include your whole family when planning your move to help ease some of the stress. You can discuss the best time to move, develop a plan for packing, and make arrangements for pets and young children on the day of the move.

Include the Kids

If you have school-age kids, involve them as much as possible when planning a move. Kids are likely anxious about the idea of a new home, especially if they have to say goodbye to their friends and change schools.

Explain to kids why the family is moving and encourage them to share their feelings about the move. Open communication will help them to find the positive aspects of a new home and they’ll be less stressed when moving day arrives.

Moving Tips for Timing

When looking for the best tips for moving, timing should be at the top of your list. Plan your moving day well in advance and make sure it’s a convenient time for every family member. When deciding the date of the move, consider the following factors:

• If moving for a job, when can you leave your current job and start your new one?
• How soon do you need to move?
• Is the move during the school year?
• What will the weather be like?
• Have you sold your old house?

Moving Tips for Proper Organization

Proper organization is critical, especially if you have a large family. Prepare a detailed moving checklist to reference throughout the entire process. Assign family members specific tasks so that everyone has an assignment and is participating in the move. Donating or selling the items that you no longer need will help free up space and you’ll have fewer things to pack.

Create a Moving Folder

One of the simplest moving tips that most people overlook is having a dedicated folder for all essential documents, including an inventory of the items you are moving. This easy tip will help you keep track of everything important during the moving process.

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