Infrared Inspections in Lawrenceville, GA

Free basic scan included with all home inspections

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All of our home inspections include a free basic infrared scan. This scan will help identify electrical hot spots, moisture problems and areas that lack proper insulation and weather stripping. These problems often cannot be seen with a normal inspection. This peek into the inaccessible areas of a residence can help point out any issues that may become larger problems in the future.
Other home inspectors can promise a thermal scan, but Attic to Foundation’s thermal scans are performed by a trained, certified thermographer. Instead of simply looking at the scans and approximating what is seen, a trained thermographer see more and interpret all aspects of the area that has been scanned.

Two types of Infrared Scans

Basic Infrared Scan:

Includes a partial scan of the home for items such as electrical hot spots, HVAC supply vents, exterior door weather-stripping & moisture issues. This type of scan is included with all of our professional home inspection services.

Whole House Scan:

Includes a full scan of the home for items such as electrical hot spots, attic door insulation, HVAC supply vents, exterior door weather-stripping, moisture issues, exterior of the structure, interior walls, ceilings, windows, attic insulation and more. This scan is designed to provide a survey in which the home’s energy efficiencies are closely examined. The whole house scan can be added to any professional home inspection for an additional fee.

Attic to Foundation uses a thermal camera that meets RESNET minimum standards for resolution, which many new cameras do not meet. Other inspectors may attempt to sell you on thermal imaging of your home, but be sure to ask if they are properly trained and are using state-of-the-art equipment. Attic to Foundation offers thermal imaging done by a trained thermographer who uses the latest equipment.

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